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ST. CHRISTINA The Virgin Martyr

Christina, renowned as the Virgin Martyr, was born in a noble family in Tuscany. Her father Urbain was a diehard idolater who kept many golden idols in his home. Christina broke up many of these idols and gave the pieces away to poor people. Urbain was extremely angry with Christina for this and he beat up his daughter. She was whipped black and blue and then she was put in confinement. In spite of all those torments, the faith of Christina remained unflinching and unwavering. Then, on the orders of the cruel father, persecutors lacerated her flesh using sharp hooks. Later she was tied to a rack and flames were directed towards her. But, miraculously, the flames turned towards the persecutors and they stopped that kind of torment. They later tied a heavy piece of rock on her neck and threw her into the Bolsena Lake. But here again the hand of God was seen at work and she was saved by an angel. Her father died in anger, hatred and a feeling of vengeance.
After the death of her father, the leader of the persecutions ordered Christiana to be thrown into a cauldron of fire. But Christina did not die even after five days in the flames. Then she was thrown into a forest area infested with venomous snakes. But here also Jesus came to her rescue. Exasperated, the persecutors cut off her tongue and pierced her body with arrows. Ultimately, in the city of Tyro, close to the Bolsena Lake, she became a martyr.